Legends of the Lockstones Saga

Join the journey at Legends of the Lockstones.

A Saga following the lives and destinies of the Lockstone family, an ancient line of seers and magicians. Back in the era where magick influenced victory and power, the shadow and light forces co-existed, for within us all the shadow side can usurp and shield the light from the Soul. Power, love, greed and wealth are all are privy to the shadow temptations as the power of the dark is as powerful as the light.

All are susceptible and Merlin was no exception; blinded by love and loneliness he was prey not only to his shadow side but all that surrounded him. Watched over by ‘The Wise Counsel of Three’ who rescued him from the dark agents and aided the return of his powers, for even Merlin lost faith. In return each were bequeathed with the powers of manifestation and foresight that would intensify with each generation. The unspoken lore that the power would only remain if used with true and good intent and could help save the world from the evils of war and corruption.

One of those families remains today—the Lockstones, now known as the Luxtons. The Saga begins with;  Awakened–On the Path to the Purple Door; Enlightened—Opening the Indigo Door and Ascended—Looking in from the other Realm.

It begins with recently orphaned Thea Luxton, who leaves rural Lyme in New Hampshire to live with her previously unknown relatives in Connecticut. Here she discovers the Lockstone prophecies and legends that are part of her destiny…




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