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S.T. Alvyn, is an author, explorer and philosopher. She writes, muses, and philosophizes on life by sharing spiritual theories and concepts through experiences, channeling, spirit guides and claircognizance. She is also a tsundoku, but with good intentions to read them all one day.

Besides a love of history, literature, photography, fashion, and beauty, she has a passion for traveling and writing; both fiction and non-fiction with a down-to-earth and quirky sense of humor. Among her travels she has ventured on the slopes of Mount Everest, slept on the active volcano in Stromboli, wandered around the jungles in Thailand on an elephant and survived a few New England winters and heatwaves so far…

Her current works in progress include; the Legends of the Lockstones Saga, which follows the paths and destinies of an ancient family line, bequeathed powers from Merlin. It begins with Awakened–On the Path to the Purple Door, and The Soul Expedition is a series of guidebooks that aim to inspire and empower those on a spiritual path.

Please visit her other sites and blogs for provoking ideas or download her e–book, The Journal of a Rebel Earth Angel.

Great Minds and Thinkers: A collaborative site with topics and thoughts to inform and inspire.

Visionary Musings: Theories, concepts,and musings with a Spiritual Influence.

Awaken Haven: Spiritual Guidance and Soul Purpose readings.

The Nomadic Philosopher: Follow me on my Yellow Brick Road.

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